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The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market will reopen for the 2016 season on March 31st. If you are interested in becoming a vendor for this market, please apply here.

Known for it’s hip urban vibe and commitment to increasing access to fresh, local, and affordable food for all residents in the area, the EAV Farmers Market has been voted the Reader’s Pick for the Best Outdoor Farmers Market in Atlanta’s Creative Loafing Magazine four years in a row. There is an on-site Edible Learning Garden where free classes on cooking, sustainability, art and gardening are taught each week during market. Local bands and artists flock to this in-town scene.

The EAVFM is considered the town square of the East Atlanta neighborhood and attracts over 750 weekly guests. The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market is open every Thursday mid-April – December from 4:00 – 8:00 pm in the heart of East Atlanta Village at 561 Flat Shoals Ave across from the MidwayPub. For more information visit: www.farmeav.com

The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market features locally grown vegetables and fruits; organic meats, diary, and eggs & artisan produced breads, and other delicacies. We also highlight local artists and community groups.



The market is located at 561 Flat Shoals Ave across the street from the Midway Pub.

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The market is accessible via these MARTA bus lines:


The 2016 vendor application is open. Apply to be a vendor here.

Below is a list of our 2015 Vendors:

The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian
We offer products and services to people with multiple food allergies. We focus on the 10 common food allergies.

Atomic Ice Cream Sandwiches
Hand made ice cream sandwiches in various flavors using local, organic ingredients.

Big Daddy Biscuits
Big Daddy Biscuits are made with natural and organic ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia. Each biscuit is hand-stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Mama and her small team of local bakers. Whenever possible, Big Daddy Biscuits use locally-sourced ingredients. At Big Daddy Biscuits, we believe that pets are people too! Doesn’t your fur kid deserve high quality, locally-made treats? Our biscuits support the local economy and never contain processed ingredients.

Cosmos Organic Farm
Cosmos Organic Farm is transitioning a 100 year old conventional farm into a new organic farm as a new generation of farmer takes over. We have a very diverse array of vegetable produce, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms and use sustainable farming practices that both heals the land and respects our particular place here in the cosmos.

Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet
Lovingly stewarded by Chris Clinton and Isia Cooper, Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet is a small South Atlanta based farm dedicated to bringing diversity and resilience to our community and foodshed. We believe in farming in ways that heal the environment and nourish the people, and a vision of turning food deserts into food forests. With our focus on offering heirloom and uncommon vegetables and locally gathered wild edible plants, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts there is always something to be savored.

doggydoggDoggy Dogg
You know how you get. It’s spring time, the sun is shining and the air is full of life and then the urge hits you. You might be in your car driving through the neighborhood, or in your business clothes coming home from work, or maybe even out for lunch in the middle of a hectic day – suddenly you get hit by that delicious aroma and realize somebody out there is grilling and chilling! Then everything else melts away and you know all you want is something simple and tasty from that grill, like a nicely seared, juicy hot dog!

Formaggio Dairy Products
Formaggio is a cheese monger company that brings different local artisan creameries and dairies to the farmer’s markets.

The Funny Farm
Duane Marcus has been an organic gardener for 30 years, and a past manager of the Decatur Farmers Market itself.  Living with his wife Susan in Stone Mountain, the two spend their days creating a model of suburban permaculture on 3 acres.  They grow veggies, small fruits, herbaceous and woody flowers, herbs, mushrooms, chickens and worms, while teaching classes on organic gardening and sustainable living.

Golda Kombucha
Golda is a southern kombucha tea beverage hand crafted in small batches from Atlanta, Georgia. Golda Kombucha tea is fermented in an American white oak barrel, which enhances the health benefits of the tea and provides a unique tart flavor.

Honeycreek Mushrooms
Located in Conyers, GA, Honey Creek provides gourmet oyster mushrooms to the Atlanta metro area. Our goal is to share local, sustainable, and healthy produce with friends and neighbors.

King of Pops
The three Carse brothers dreamed up the concept for King of Pops while sitting on a beach in South America. Desiring to bring healthy and natural popsicles back to the US, their pops are now the most popular in town – with people lining up to enjoy their ecologically responsible, fresh, and all natural frozen treats.

lacalaveraLa Calavera Bakery
La Calavera Bakery is your local spot for the best in bread, pastry and other delicacies. Calavera’s goods are as nutritious and well-sourced as they are tasty, using sprouted whole grains, organic ingredients, and local produce as often as possible.

Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens
Joe Reynolds focuses on heirloom and endangered vegetable varieties and soil-based agricultural practices. He believes a direct relationship with customers and transparent growing practices are the most assured ways to preserve the safety of our food supply and protect our community and environment.

MANA in our FoodMANA in our Food
Mana produces locally made, mostly vegan, whole food products from organic ingredients. Together with a complement of seasonal vegetables or fruit, our meals offer a complete protein and a complete meal for a family of four. Our personal essence, spirit, or Hawaiian “mana” must be a part of our food: how we grow, make, cook, and eat it. This spirit encourages imagination and individuality as vital components to good eating.

Mercier Orchards
Mercier Orchards is a third-generation apple farm that is located near the scenic mountain town of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Visit the farm website for information about store hours, u-pick dates, and special events.

One Screw Loose
From One Screw Loose we bring to Market a unique variety of jellies and jelly rubs. OSL is local, unique and handcrafted.

Organic Mountain Honey
Our mission is to educate you on the many benefits and uses of our local raw honey and honey based cosmetics. Unlike the big brand store honey, we hand-select & taste test our honeys in small batches to ensure you are getting the most gourmet flavor profiles possible.

Pearson Farm Peaches
The Pearson Family has been growing sweet Georgia Peaches and Pecans on the same land as our great-great grandparents for over 100 years. For five generations, Pearson Farm has stood for honest values and traditional American Southern hospitality.

Rusty’s Nutz
Rusty’s Nutz is a Snack Food Company specializing in Peanuts. Our products include Flavored Hot Boiled Peanuts, Fresh Roasted Peanuts, & Peanut Brittle.

Scharko Farms and Friends
Linda and Tony are “a couple of old hippies that farm for pleasure and sustainability.” They have a small 4-acre vegetable, cut flower and herb farm with a roadside stand.The Scharkos have been sharing their world view and delicious veggies with us since 2006.

Scotch Corner Foods
Scotch Corner Foods crafts a range of flavored peanut butters and spreads made locally in small batches. Ingredients are preferentially sourced from farmers and producers in Georgia and the Southeast.

Shay Latte Coffee
SHAY∙LATTE Coffee inspires creativity. We fuel the creative minds: artists, innovators, and forward thinkers who love to operate courageously at their highest vibration. We traveled to our family-owned and operated coffee farm to explore the ways to create an authentic connection between independent farmers and creative individuals.

Tatsky’s Frozen Blended Fruit
We all say we love fruit, but do we get enough of it every day? Tatsky’s Frozen Blended Fruit is a delightful way to add more fruit to your diet.

Turnrow Bath and Body
Turnrow Bath Body & Home is an Atlanta area natural, handmade company owned and operated by two sisters interested in doing what they love and creating the best natural products for eco-conscious men, women and children. We enjoy working with locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients from our family farm, Scharko Farms, and other Atlanta area farms to provide unique seasonal blends.

White Oak Pastures
White Oak Pastures is a small family owned farm located in southwest Georgia. Our cattle freely roam our certified organic, 1,000 acre farm and eat native Georgia grasses. The Harris family recently bullt an on-farm, zero waste production facility.

Rotating Vendors

Carson Bryce Trading Company (Rotating Vendor at EAVFM)
Carson Bryce Trading Co., specializes in handmade apothecary products and unique gift offerings for everyone.

Pure AbundancePure Abundance (Rotating Vendor at EAVFM)
Pure Abundance uses the magic of chemistry to transform organic cashews into the vegan cheese of your dreams. Pure Abundance Cashew Cheeses are organic, soy-free, gluten-free, and delicious!

To be added to our future vendor outreach list please email info@farmeav.com with the subject line “Vendor Application 2015”


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